The National Newspaper had some questions, Elaine C Smith and Dave Thompson respond: THE advantage the Indy movement has is our breadth and depth and energy. To harness that, it’s important that we work together. It’s important that we trust each other. And it’s vital that we hold ourselves to account to make sure that we are all working as effectively as possible to make our country the successful, independent, fair country that it should be. For that reason, we are delighted that The National is asking questions of our plan and we are pleased to lay out our answers. How is that strategy toRead More →

In this letter to the independence movement, the newly elected Executive Committee of the Scottish Independence Convention explain why the move to create a national campaign organisation can get independence consistently beyond 50% in the polls and give Nicola Sturgeon the backing of the majority of the Scottish people when calling for a referendum. What’s a pro-independence campaign organisation for and what would it do? The Scottish Independence Convention is a coalition of Scotland’s national pro-independence organisations, the pro-independence political parties and, through the membership of regional forums, of Scotland’s local grassroots pro-independence groups. It is just about to launch a fundraiser to start aRead More →

A selection of activists and groups from across the independence movement react to our recent announcement. Christians for Independence said: “Independence is closer now than it has ever been and Christians For Independence (CFI) We agree that now is the time to create an all-movement independence campaign organisation to take the SIC to the next level, as we build independence support to 50% and beyond.” Media officer for the Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) Jessica Mennie said: “This is a hugely exciting time for Scottish politics and in our journey to becoming an independent nation. “Our movement is passionate and energised towards winning the next independence referendum, andRead More →

Today, we are announcing the cross-movement campaign to win a future independence referendum. Our plans are to provide staff and resources for the movement as part of a package that will act as a national campaign organisation. The as-yet-unnamed campaign body will provide the strategic capacity, resources, messaging, media support and liaison to grassroots Yes campaigns across the country to increase support for independence beyond 50%. We will soon be announcing a crowd-funder to support this work. We have already undertaken research on public opinion in order to meet the challenges and big questions of Scottish independence head on. Our convenor SIC Elaine C Smith said:Read More →

On Saturday 4th November the Build: Bridges to Indy event will be held in Usher Halls in Edinburgh. It is a chance to hear from a huge range of speakers from across the Independence movement who will discuss how we tackle the big questions and how we best organise ourselves to win Scottish Independence. Entertainment will be provided by great acts during the day of the conference. There is something of interest for everyone with a stake in Independence. 1,500 seats have already been claimed so get your own ticket to find out where the movement can go from here: More →

Build: Bridges to Indy The Scottish Independence Convention to hold major conference in Usher Hall in Edinburgh On Saturday 4th November the Scottish Independence Convention will hold a national conference called Build: Bridges to Indy in Edinburgh’s Usher Halls. Speakers from across the independence movement will explore the research, discuss answers to the big questions and the consider how to organise as the movement advances into the next year. Following on from January’s sold out conference in Glasgow, this conference aims to build on the work that is being done all across Scotland to outline practical steps that we can take to build bridges between ourselvesRead More →