1. There needs to be an unambiguous statement in the manifestos. So if we return a simple majority of pro Indy MPs Scotland has spoken and made the choice. There is no need for indyref2.

  2. There is absolutely no need that we “must” return all pro Indy MP’s or that it’s essential that all 59 MP’s are pro Indy. The chances of that happening are slim to none, why play by arbitrary rules that only serve the Tories? A simple majority will be enough on a clear promise for Independence. We need to be very careful not to fall into the trap that if we lose pro Indy MP’s which is very likely, that we lose the right to either hold another referendum or find another way to independence. Craig Murray has a lot of good things to say on this point.

  3. Nicola MUST take the opportunity to declare this a vote for Independence. There is NO need to have a manifesto with a referendum pledge, it must simply be that a majority of SNP MP’s will be the will to declare independence. (Margaret Thatcher even said as much – TM could not disregard this statement).

    Scotland has already been refused a second referendum. We have been told now is not the time – but TM has decided now is the defacto time. TM has already said this is a fight for the UK. Nicola needs to say this is a fight for Scotland.

    Ruth cannot argue her position when we have been declined a second vote and this GE has been called by her overlord in WM.

    The SNP need to find some b*lls and go for this. 45% of the electorate want independence, maybe more now after Brexit. If we are to send a strong message south on the back of the election that has been forced on us AGAIN, we must all vote for the SNP if the pledge to delcare independence on a majority SNP vote is in their manifesto.

    Come on Nicola. Surely someone else in the SNP can see this is the right route.

  4. Should the SNP/Greens win every seat in Scotland there should be a declaration of independence. Why go through the stress of another indy ref if there are no unionists in Scotland? Many, many Scots are heartily sick of the policies emanating from WM. The Tories policy of sanctioning the disabled, the poor, the disenfranchised should be heard at the Hague.

  5. I live in Fife and have been horrified by the ward results from last week’s Council elections. Too many for my liking had the Tories with most 1st preference votes. But it reminded me that we cannot be complacent and that there are a lot of closet Tories in Scotland – witness the No majority in indyref despite polls showing growing support for indy.

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