A selection of activists and groups from across the independence movement react to our recent announcement.

Christians for Independence said:

“Independence is closer now than it has ever been and Christians For Independence (CFI) We agree that now is the time to create an all-movement independence campaign organisation to take the SIC to the next level, as we build independence support to 50% and beyond.”

Media officer for the Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) Jessica Mennie said:

“This is a hugely exciting time for Scottish politics and in our journey to becoming an independent nation.

“Our movement is passionate and energised towards winning the next independence referendum, and we are now seeing that passion and energy manifest into organised groups. The coming launch is proof of that.

“The Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) is another one of those groups whose key ‘aim’ is to make Aberdeen – The Granite City – a yes city, and we are looking forward to working with the upcoming SIC organisation in the campaign that will, next time, take us beyond 50% of the vote.

“It is up to each and every one of us to support these groups, because our engagement will be key to our success. Now, more than ever, is the time to get involved with pro-independence organisations, now is the time to start having conversations with friends and family about the future of our nation… and most importantly, now is the time where we begin our campaign to win our independence.”

Carole Inglis, organiser of Yes Skye & Lochalsh said:

“Independence has not gone away, the need has increased, and the desire to run our own affairs has only grown stronger. Locally, we have been building a network across the island and in Lochalsh. We believe that now IS the time, and SIC offers the campaign support that we have been waiting and hoping for. Now the hard work begins and we are ready and raring to go!”

Jane Logue from Yes Glasgow Southside said:

“Bring it on! As things get worse with the UK, I have the song ‘We’ve got to get out of this place ‘ going round in my head. I’m looking forward to campaigning for a place where the poorest and most vulnerable aren’t demonised, where people from all backgrounds are respected and where people come before profit. I have a lot of hope the SIC’s plan will help us get there.”

A spokesperson from Yes Edinburgh North and Leith said:

“Yes Edinburgh North and Leith (YENL) are excited at the prospect of an organisation that can galvanise and support us both locally and nationally.  Scotland-in-Union have had a free hand for too long, and with our own organisation we can start on a national scale, the one thing the unionist fear most- Independence supporter’s campaigning.  We are in, and in the words of the Proclaimers (nearly!) ‘on our way…’”

Young Scots for Independence said:

“The campaign for Scottish independence did not stop in 2014. In the past few years, we have seen a huge rise in political involvement from young people campaigning towards an independent Scotland. The set up of our YSI regional associations and local pro-independence groups across the country are evidence of this.

“There is no better time than now to get behind this all-movement campaign approach for a shared interest – making the case for an independent Scotland.”

Arthur West, Chair of Scottish CND said:

“Scottish CND was founded sixty years ago to work for the abolition of nuclear weapons both here and internationally.  We decided to support YES at the Referendum because we could see that an independent Scottish state responsible for Defence would be our best chance to get rid of Trident.  We know the importance of working together in coalition to maximise and support the Independence Convention’s drive to build a strong and effective campaign.”

Mary McCabe, Co-Convenor of Pensioners for Independence said:

“Local groups of Pensioners for Independence are organising everywhere to attend rallies, set up stalls and have pro-indy chats with our fellow-baby boomers. The National Committee welcomes the birth of an umbrella YES body to guide us forward into the early days of a better nation.”

Ruth Ritchie, speaking on behalf of Yes Annandale said:

“Yes Annandale welcomes this new move to bring together and support the grassroots supporters. While we will all have slightly different priorities relevant to our own areas, we also need exactly this type of organisation to accompany and assist Yes campaigners, without the ties or restrictions of political allegiance.”

Local group Yes Forres said:

“A little over a month ago, the group was reactivated. There is a growing awareness of how the Yes movement is a catalyst for change in ways that political parties, especially parties in government, can’t be.

…we are determined to press home the constitutional nature of the independence debate, its cross-party connections, as well as its basis in inclusiveness, fairness, civic nationalism and the right to self-determination.

Now’s the time and now, very soon, will be the hour. Let’s to it.”

“…it’s about constitutional change, and beyond party politics. Independence ISN’T about the SNP at all.”

Stewart Bremner, former Yes Scotland digital artist said:

“I’m incredibly excited that this new plan will bring us the chance to truly work together as if we’re in the early days of a better nation.”

Clackmannanshire East Branch Convener for the SNP Irene Hamilton said:

“Having been involved with the Scottish Independence Convention, since 2004, long before it was SIC, I’m delighted at where we are now. – Irene We have worked hard over the years and I’m pleased that so many groups and individuals are involved. I look forward to the months ahead. We maybe lost the vote in 2014, but I’m certain we will win next time.”

Willie Wilson, Convenor of NHS for Yes said:

“The grassroots of the YES movement are growing rapidly – preparing for the campaign, whenever it comes.  The SIC’s role is to nurture and focus the enormous energy and enthusiasm of thousands of activists. We are determined to keep up the pressure on the Westminster government and to show Scots that independence is the only way we can escape austerity and the looming disaster of Brexit.”

Gail Henry, Chair of Yes Borders said:

“The growing grassroots Yes movement in the Scottish Borders welcomes the new SIC campaigning organisation. We look forward to the forging of another link in the ever-strengthening chain that will lead us to a fairer, socially just, self-governing Scotland.”

Former SNP MP George Kerevan said:

“We make our own history. This month over a million people demonstrated in Barcelona for the right of self-determination in Catalonia. We can mobilise the same kind of support for Scottish independence if we are prepared to put in the effort. And the effort begins with each of us persuading our neighbours, our family and our workmates that Scots are bright enough, compassionate enough and committed enough to govern ourselves and create our own future. There’s nothing magic in winning a majority for independence. It begins with ringing that first doorbell.”

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