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  1. Interesting indeed. Very good situation analysis. In our book ‘Scotland 2070 – Healthy | Wealthy | Wise, in spite of its ‘without the politics’ framing, we did publish our thoughts on the defence an Independent Scotland might need. We were unconvinced about the wisdom of committing to ANY overseas deployments, for reasons we explain, and instead advocate developing a high tech undersea surveillance system to give very good knowledge of everything happening in our EEZ. This would be an asset to our allies and boost our own high tech sensor and networking industry.

    Regarding frigates, the report here says ‘two frigates’. Realistically, if you want to have two always ready for sea you need three or more likely four. It would probably be more cost effective to have five, one in refit, one on training duty or maintenance, three available for active service. Also, I’d suggest these should be new build ships, not the RN’s cast-offs.

    There is a lot of common ground, really interested to compare and, where there are differences, contrast.

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