About us

Image courtesy of ‘Documenting Yes’

The Scottish Independence Convention is a stakeholder organisation for all those who wish to see Scotland be an independent country. It brings together all the independence-supporting political parties (SNP, Scottish Greens, SSP), the national independence-supporting organisations (Labour for Independence, Women for Independence, Radical Independence Campaign, Business for Scotland, NHS Yes, Common Weal and a range of others) and representatives of local grassroots groups.

The Convention’s co-convenors are Elaine C Smith and Pat Kane, and the vice-convenors are Lesley Riddoch and Richard Walker.

Our work this year focuses on preparation for the next independence referendum campaign. Whilst there is much uncertainty about whether or not another referendum will take place, if one is called, we want to be ready to support the delivery of a successful campaign.

In February 2017, the SIC Council agreed an updated Constitution, and this document governs the work of the Convention. 

We are very grateful to all those at Documenting Yes and to Stewart Bremner for allowing us to use their photographs and artwork. Please visit their pages and support their work if you can.

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