BUILD: Bridges to Indy

On Saturday 4th November the Scottish Independence Convention will hold a national conference called Build: Bridges to Indy in Edinburgh’s Usher Halls. Speakers from across the independence movement will explore the research, discuss answers to the big questions and the consider how to organise as the movement advances into the next year. Following on from January’s sold out conference in Glasgow, this conference aims to build on the work that is being done all across Scotland to outline practical steps that we can take to build bridges between ourselves and those who are not yet supporters of Independence.

The previous national conference of the Independence Convention in Glasgow attracted the attendance of nearly 1000 people and this new venue in Scotland’s Capital will allow for double the capacity.

The full programme will be released in the coming weeks and the conference is also expected to play host to entertainment throughout the day. Event passes are now on sale on the Usher Hall website for £15 with concession prices of £8 which can be purchased here:

Confirmed speakers include Lesley Riddoch, Elaine C Smith, Audrey Birt, Dr Iain Black, Robin McAlpine and Liam Stevenson.



The BUILD – policy, strategy, movement conference in January saw nearly 1000 activists and campaigners gather in Glasgow to discuss the next steps for the independence movement.

You can see some of the speeches and discussions here, filmed by Independence Live.